ISTD aspires to be a world leader in dance education, setting the bench mark for best practice through our extensive syllabi and teacher training. We are committed to becoming a dynamic, future-focused organisation that promotes the social, cultural, physical and educational benefits of dance for all.

We have a proud history and a brand that stands for the pursuit of excellence in the dance world.  To build on past success, we have recently created a three year business plan (2019-2021).  This maps out a clear growth strategy, which puts our teacher members at the heart of everything we do. The business plan advocates for a more agile ISTD.  Central to this is the creation of a new senior leadership team to strengthen organisational capability and drive improved performance within a rapidly changing environment.

The key objectives of the business plan are:

  • Growing membership

  • Developing new products and establishing new markets

  • Building organisational capability

The plan aims to tackle the drastic drop in educational dance provision, dance teacher training and opportunities for young people to learn dance in schools and informal settings.  We believe that the ISTD is ideally posed to fill this gap in provision through our wide range of specialist syllabi, which are already taught in a diverse contexts, supported by excellent teacher training.  In particular we have recently launched a new Contemporary Dance syllabus and are currently investing in research about improving access to dance training for disabled learners.  We also have plans to introduce our new Level 4 teaching qualification world-wide and within a variety of learning contexts.

As a membership organisation we will be developing and implementing value propositions - creating new services and resources to meet the needs of our current membership.  We also have clear plans to increase and broaden future membership and to strength our international presence.

To achieve these ambitious goals we need to build organisational capability, improving business performance through digitisation of services and a review of the current IT and data storage infrastructure.  Major projects include the design and implementation of a new website, rebranding and moving to new premises.